Monday, July 30, 2012

Budapest Tour Day

Hungarian Parliament - Click for larger view
Today was tour day in Budapest. The gallery I posted, for some reason in in reverse order from what we experienced. So, to start with, the breakfast aboard was fantastic with at least two kinds of bacon! The dynamic trio then set off by bus (coach) with a tour group to see the two cities of Buda and Pest. Our tour guide named Maria, was likely the best informed tour guide I have ever seen, fantastic woman, very smart. We traveled all over and Maria spoke so well of her city and her beautiful country.  She must have said twenty times or more 'Please pardon my national pride' - we could use more of that back in the good old USA. We stopped at the Hero square and saw the grave of the unknown soldier and the statue to the seven tribes that settled Hungary in the year 896. We then traveled to the top of the hill to visit a church and a spectacular view of the city.  We even saw the production of 'Die Hard 5' being filmed,  but didn't se Bruce Willis. At 13:30 we were back on the boat for lunch and then off to a show of Hungarian horsemanship in a small town about an hour from Budapest and as chance would have it, Maria was our tour guide once again. The drive through the country was spectacular and the talk along the way was very informative. The horse show was also a real treat as the horseman ship was beyond anything I have seen before - the pictures in the gallery don't do it justice. At the end of the show we were to go on a twenty minute horse and carriage ride through the countryside but as our carriage pulled away the first drops of rain began to fall. Within minutes we were riding in an open carriage in a torrent of rain… and got really soaked.  We could not have been more wet had we jumped in the Danube. Of course I was completely loaded with electronics, my nikon, iPhone, GoPro and another video camera.  Thankfully they all survived. My Nikon got some water in the battery compartment shorting out the battery but it is better now. The hour long bus ride back in wet clothing was special. . . and had a great talk about the dark days in Hungary when it was under Soviet control.  Tomorrow we are cruising all day and all night so I may not have a connection and the ability to post, next stop Vienna, Austria.

Beautiful Church wirh tile roof - click for larger image

Horses with ear hats - Click for larger image

The rain came down in buckets - Click for larger image

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