Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A couple of bikes

Finally found a use for that typeface - click image for larger view
I know I must have mentioned it before but I was absolutely amazed at the bicycles that everyone was using. The picture above was taken in Bamberg, Germany and we saw these postal bikes in every town and village and country and of every color and variety. It really does make sense the can carry a lot and are easy to park - check out that 'kickstand'.

Blue Cargo Trike - Click image for larger view
I like this trike pictured above because it is typical of every bicycle even though it is a tricycle. It has fenders (mudguards) and a fully enclosed chain, a dynamo for lights, front and rear (no batteries used here) a ding-dong bell, and this one has drum brakes. Very utilitarian! The owner has taken the saddle and just might be surprised to find that flat rear tire when he/she returns. Even thought this is a step through frame I have discovered that this style of frame is not necessarily gender specific in europe.

This is only the start - I am sitting here updating the blog because I have the time right now waiting for other projects (on other computers) to render and most of my images are on the drive on the other machine. . . so here I am with not nearly enough bike pictures.

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