Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Uniworld River Empress

The Wheelhouse of the River Empress - Click Image to view Interactive Panorama
More from the trip to Europe -- I shot this panorama in the wheelhouse of the Uniworld River Empress while at the dock in Wertheim, Germany. I was amazed at the technology and and how compact and tidy the wheelhouse is. This entire house retracts downward for passage under bridges.  The hatch in the ceiling is for the Captain to stick his head our for the final approach, then he ducks down to pass under the bridge to pop his head out once the ship has passed through.

I should note that we are indeed back at home and back to work. I know I have been neglectful to the blog, but since our return I have been tied to a tree and was unable reach the keyboard. . . . (now that's a good excuse)

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