Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday Sketches

The Providence Skyline from East Providence 
After painting the bottom of the boat, changing zincs and taking the shrink wrap off (hopefully we will get launched this week) I had time to sit and do a couple of sketches in my little book. The picture above was an experiment without using my pens, just light pencil for layout and watercolor.  I sometimes feel like my drawings must look like a coloring book, and I gotta admit this is a much harder way for me to create a scene, and I don't think is as successful as I had wanted or imagined. However we must be intrepid in our quest, so I will definitely continue to try this technique from time to time.
The Morning Star Bakery
This is a great little bakery about a half mile from our house. I say it is great for three reasons, the prices are reasonable, the pastries are very good and, as I said - it is about a half mile from the house. I was driving back from doing the skyline sketch and as I turned onto Bliss, I just had to stop and sketch it. . .(No really it is on the corner of Bliss St and Broadway) And by the way this sketch and St Francis Xavier Church were drawn with my new Lamy sketch pen.

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