Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Day off

The Welcome Center, Norman Bird Sanctuary, Middletown RI
I took the day off today to spend a bit of time with my Grandchildren and we had a wonderful hike through the Norman Bird Sanctuary in Middletown, down by Second Beach. Ben and Grace had a great time hiking and we saw all kinds a birds including a Red Tail Hawk which almost had lunch with us, and we saw deer and snakes too. Other things complicated the day though. . . I dropped my iPhone shattering the screen - yuk - and when we went to leave the sanctuary my car wouldn't start. I called AAA who were very prompt and gave me a jump and all was well. Apparently my battery is just old... so I asked the AAA guy, Danny, to install a new one and he had just sold the last one he had that would be appropriate for my car. Go figure. But the evening ended well at the Dari-Bee, our favorite ice cream place just down the road from our house.
Evening ice cream season has begun

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