Friday, June 28, 2013

Back to Hope Valley

Hope Valley house - Click image for larger view
Some days things just don't click. It was raining heavily this morning, I got out of the house late and traffic was awful... but enough whining -- none of that actually had any bearing on this sketch. Yesterday I went to Utrecht looking for an alternative sketchbook as this Moleskin sketchbook is filled with watercolor paper and I thought I would like to reserve that for, well, watercolors. So I purchased a blank page book to sketch on... it will take some getting used to, the paper has no tooth and my pen felt very slippery and I wasn't too pleased with the marks. I went back to the book of watercolor paper... I will have to play around with the new book some more. Actually I wanted to buy a Stillman & Birn book as I am quite fond of their paper and the Utrecht website said they carried the Stillman & Birn books but the people working there had never heard of them. . .  and were surprised when they looked in the catalog and found the complete line of sketchbooks listed. I will play around with the new book with different sketch pens..I am still using my fine line Sharpie I got at the drugstore. Back to this sketch challenge I can see that I really need to work out values better and find a better way to represent them in ink... this whole sketch is way too scribbly

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