Monday, March 30, 2015

Small Milestone Today

Just another tree  - Click image to view larger
This sketch from this morning (March 30, 2015) marks the 500th sketch I have posted on Flickr since I started posting there just two years ago. Rest assured I have sketched many more but I'm not sharing them - mostly they are crap. . .  we all sketch crap from time to time and I would rather not share those lesser sketches (in hopes you may think I am actually better at this). This sketch started out in pencil as a contour drawing working on the negative shapes, then progressed with a Pitt XS pen to bring in the values. The sun kept appearing and disappearing making the shadows come and go. I sketched this from the drivers seat in my car, like so many others, as it is still bitter cold - a raw 28º F this morning. So enough babbling - if you like,you can check out my Flickr page here

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