Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Catching Up

The Old Bank Cafe, Pawtuxet Village - click image for larger view
Once again I have been neglecting the blog -- I promise to be better. . . but as it happens Springtime is filled with so many things to do. (Insert several lame excuses here) I have still been out sketching almost every morning before work and doing a lot of different experimenting with style and color - sometime more successful than others. Since I last posted here I sold my boat, my grandkids graduated from their respective classes (first grade and 8th grade- Ben now moves on to high school) Ben is determined to get his pilot's license before he gets his drivers license, and is well on his way. When we were at the airport for a lesson the other day I sketched the thing in the pic below:
Strange looking thing - click image for larger view
I am not sure just how this thing works but it got my attention as 'now that's something that I have never sketched before' In any event I am still having fun with my sketching and have been playing a lot with time lapse, and I got a new GoPro so have been having fun with that too.

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