Sunday, November 20, 2011

Occupy Providence

Occupy Providence - Click to view first panorama
Well I had to go down myself to see what the fuss was all about.  Every radio show and television show I tells me something different about these protests, so I decided to go find out for myself. As it turn out the park is more full of trash and tents than people.  The folks I encountered were quite pleasant and seemed to be into the theme of things but I couldn't get a real solid answer as to what the protest was actually about.  The best answer I got was that they are protesting all the corporate greed that has developed since World War II in the post war industrial complex and that all the greed is on Wall Street. Like I said I didn't get a real clear answer. I met a man named Robert - the one with the drum in pano 3 - he said he has set up camp here and comes down when he is not working on a project. He is a film maker and documentary maker from Charleston.  Most of the tents were empty and there were only twenty or so people in the park. Poor old Ambrose Burnside had all sorts of things taped to him and his horse.. I wonder if anyone there even knows who he was.

And here is one just for fun... as I was walking back to my car I did some shooting and shot this HDR shot (way too overdone) on Orange Street and to my surprise it came out mostly orange!!

Some of these files are slow to load because of their size - please be patient.

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