Thursday, March 14, 2013

New (renewed) endeavor

Page 1
So the other day I made a small sketchbook from some left over Canson paper we had at work and decided to start sketching again. This is mostly inspired by a recent visit to the Worcester Art Museum. (which everyone in New England should visit) I kept sketch journals in the past but have a renewed interest in sketching again and getting back into more organic media.  I will still be shooting photos and 360ยบ panoramas and video and animation stuff but right now I have set a goal to fill this book (120 pages) by the first of June. I figure that sketching and writing down my observations will help me see and understand my subject better and by doing a bit of writing, it just may help my blog writing. (wishful thinking) . . . anyway here is page one, a start, and hopefully many more to come, good, bad and certainly some ugly.
another couple of pages- I seemed to make Giovanni's arms look like those of a T-Rex. . .

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Paul said...

Taunton Avenue never looked so charming!