Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Atomic Salon

The Atomic Salon - East Providence
I was determined to get out for an hour or so today to do some sketching. I have just finished the sketchbook in the post below and while it was drying I figured I would drive into Providence to sketch. I needed to stop at the bank for some cash and as I drove past his place on Taunton Avenue it just struck me as perfect. Being the lazy dog that I am, after I stopped at the bank the car was still pointed toward Providence, I continued on into the city. It was windy and cold and I could not find a decent place to park (this is an admission of  making excuses) so I found a parking lot and did a drawing of the church "Our Lady of the Rosary" from the car (on real watercolor paper in a Moleskin sketchbook) and the sketch turned out awful. Realizing that I should have stopped in East Providence in the first place, I drove back and did the sketch posted above... still not my best work but I found the subject much more satisfying, and I like the fact that the guy was installing flags on the roof.
thats a BIG car!
So this is what happens when you just star drawing and not worry about proportion - the towers run off the top and the car is way too stinking big, and quite frankly some of it is just made up. Not my best work.

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Paul said...

Atomic Salon is awesome.