Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Quick animation

Here is a link to a quick little 30 second animation I did for Vibco. They created a new even more powerful dumpbody vibrator that will just shake the snot out of a big truck. Our guy in the field said that when they ran it for the first time you could feel the vibration in you chest while standing a good distance from the truck, and it emptied the truck completely. So I made this little ditty a bit dark and tried to get the feeling of something that is all business and doesn't take any s*** from anyone. I really didn't spend much time on this and didn't develop any 'story line' -- just took off --- even created the logo while making the piece. I got a lot of good feedback and encouragement from everyone at work, thanks guys.

4/15/10 UPDATE: The guy who bought the first one just ordered another 10 units! Works well!!

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Meg said...

Nice! The sound effects were perfect!