Friday, April 30, 2010

Sedona Sunrise Walk

This morning, Friday April 30th, we had perfectly clear weather and I took a hike up to Bell Rock once again to see what I could shoot. This is my early morning collection.

1.  Walking up to the rock at 5:15 am to catch the 5:38 sunrise. It was 21 degrees out and everything had a frosty coating.

2.  Before sunrise - a 49 shot HDR image

3. The first rays reach the far side of the valley.

4. From the knoll overlooking the valley

5. Back on the trail again and the sun a bit higher in the sky.

6. Ahhhhh, a cup of coffee.

Most of these shots are 21 images in an HDR composite. Sure wish we had a few clouds to give the sky some color.....
And here is the link to the gallery of shots I took yesterday, April 29th.

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