Friday, April 30, 2010

Sedona Arizona

Today started a bit later than usual as we slept in until about 8:00.  I got up just before sunrise and it was completely overcast so I went back to bed. Today we toured Sedona  and did a lot of hiking as well. We had every sort of weather today from warm sunshine to cold winds and hail and rain, go figure. I think tomorrow we may be driving in snow. . .  We hiked the trails near Bell Rock early this morning, walking there from our motel. We then drove to...

Cathedral Rocks. We hiked up and over a ridge and then down into the valley where Oak Creek flows.  This first image is taken from the middle of Oak Creek looking back toward the Cathedral Rocks. We also saw a wedding going on here near the creek. Carol was using my monopod as a walking stick, which seemed a good use for it. Hiking down from the ridge we found this arroyo and I had to take a shot. From the Cathedral Rocks we drove over to:

The Chapel of the Holy Cross. This Sedona landmark is a fantastic chapel set high in the rocks overlooking Bell Rock to the south. The wind was blowing up here at about 50 knots which made for difficult walking.  Just below the chapel was a fantastic house with it's own observatory, waterfalls and a 4 car garage... it can be see in this panorama.

The Wildflower Inn has been home for a couple of nights and I thought I would share the view from our balcony. Carol is on the phone in this shot talking with Jason.  Tomorrow morning we are off to the Grand Canyon, just a couple of hours up the road.


Unknown said...

Gorgeous!!! Makes me want to go back to Sedona. Enjoy the Grand Canyon!

Robert said...

Arizona, largely arid, with the Grand Canyon 217 miles long and 1 mile deep carved out of the rock by uncounted centuries of erosion is unsurpassed for scenic beauty. Thank you dear friend for giving us the opportunity to see it through your photographic talents. Bob