Sunday, May 2, 2010

Catching Up -- Sedona to Bryce Canyon

Carol and I on the rim of the Grand Canyon

OK, so it has been a while since I posted due to lack of internet connection... it also gave me an evening off from stitching images and such. So let me catch you up on things. (12 panoramas and a photo gallery linked below) That last morning in Sedona, after the sunrise shoot, Carol went for a walk in one direction and I in another.  I shot the following image on the back side of Cathedral Rocks while hiking there.

Backside of Cathedral Rocks, Sedona

We then took off toward the Grand Canyon and had a great time riding through the Coconino National Forest and came upon this fantastic overlook. Many Navajo ladies were selling jewelry and Carol almost bought some turquoise that was native made, but she restrained herself thinking that she would buy some as we drove through the Navajo reservation.

Coconino National Forest, Route 89, Arizona

The drive from here to the Grand Canyon was uneventful. We pulled off the main road and went down a dirt road somewhere off of route 64 to eat lunch and were greeted by a herd of elk. After lunch we had a short drive and arrived at the canyon at about 4:00. We had supper in the Bright Angel Lodge and stayed the night in the Yavapai Lodge. (More elk by the Bright Angel Lodge) This morning we got a good start and stopped may times along the rim. Here is a couple of panoramas. (More to come soon, I hope.  I have shot so many and they do take a while to create.)

Grand Canyon evening arrival

Grand Canyon Morning

After leaving the canyon we traveled east on route 64 and arrived at the town of Cameron, AZ, where we had breakfast at the Cameron Trading post. I shot these two after we ate.  I also found out that Navajo Bread, which I ordered, is apparently the western name for Doughboys, definitely not on my diet.

Cameron Trading Post

Old bridge on Little Colorado River

A few miles north of Cameron, back on Arizona route 89 we came across a strange land formation which looked like a bunch of desert boobs... so we went offroad once again to drive around in this unusual landscape.

Desert Boobies -somewhere in Arizona

A bit further up the road we traveled up and over this high pass... the Navajo were selling their jewelry along this high bluff. Carol missed her chance to get Navajo jewelry as she was not too keen about getting out of the car at this precarious location. The natives wouldn't let me take pictures of their work or of them but I got the shot of the view.

Amazing Overlook of valley - No really this is amazing.

As a side note, we have brought along several audio books knowing that long hours in the car would lend itself to listening to books as we do when we travel around New England. The scenery here is so fantastic that we haven't made it through the first couple of discs of the first of six books. . .
Anyway a while later we arrived at the Glen Canyon Dam which creates Lake Powell. Now this is an amazing shot.

Glen Canyon Dam - Way cool shot

And now into Utah. One of our stops in Utah was to have lunch - once again way off on a side road. This time it was near the Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park.  We found a coyote head along side of the road with it's ears cut off - maybe for a bounty or something??? Here is the view from where we stopped.

Long and winding (?) road

Finally we approach Bryce Canyon and the landscape once again changes completely.

Approaching Bryce Canyon

And into the Park proper.  We registered at Ruby's Inn, which we think is appropriate for a fortieth wedding anniversary, since ruby is supposed to be the gift, and then on into the canyon. We were greeted at the entrance of the Park by a heard of mule deer and later saw whitetails near the same location

Bryce Canyon Trail

OK, so I have just about bored you completely -- but wait that's not all, if you order now --- I also have a gallery with photos taken along the way, ending of course with a Cowboy Dinner Show.

Todays Photo Gallery

It is nearing 1:00 am so am going to sign off, so in the spirit of the cowboy, Happy Trails, until we meet again.

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Robert said...

After the terra cotta of Sedona's sand stone and the sand drip like cathedral sculpture of Bryce Canyon, the Grand Canyon becomes mystical, magical, majestic and serene like a water color scene. Love the changes and thanks for the pics and VRs. Bob