Monday, July 16, 2012

Prudence Weekend

The Best Stuffies I Have Ever Eaten - Click image for larger view

Bob! What have you done with your hair?? 

   Every once in a while you end up having a perfect weekend with friends. This past weekend we spent a couple of days on Prudence Island just hanging out and eating way too much food, so much for the diet.
Andi made the best stuffies ever, with quahogs she dug herself, chourico and even bacon..mmmmmmm - I limited myself to just four (I think) for fear of proving my gluttony once again. The day was filled with laughter and friends and swimming and skipping stones and the evening was topped off with burgers on the grill and even a bonfire. We are blessed to have such good friends and live in such a beautiful (even if politically challenged) state. As you can see by the pictures

They get younger every day
 here the weather was very cooperative the kids had a great time hanging around with all the old folks.

Prudence sunset

Beach boy

Dinghy Buddies
Tapestry, just off the beach

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Robert said...

Yes, Ed it was a great weekend, but that fright photo of Bob and his hair will scare little children and some adults.