Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Rose Island Light, Newport, RI

Rose Island Light, Newport - Click image for larger view
From our Sunday cruise - I got this shot from the pilot house of Tapestry as we were leaving Newport harbor. You can see my original exposure below.  I was shooting fast as there was a lot of boat traffic around and I was at the helm at the time we came abreast of the island.  I took this shot and as you can see it was not level and I got the door frame in the shot as well. I thought it had some potential as raw material (although I was shooting jpeg not RAW).  I developed it using Photoshop - with lots of layers and blending modes and layer masks.

Original shot
I think of my original exposures as simply as raw material to craft an image from back in the studio. Being a fan of Ansel Adams' work I am always mindful of his comment that 'the negative is the score but the print is the performance". It is how we interpret and craft that raw material into an image. The Sunday cruise was built on high anticipation of getting many good images of the Tall Ships that were visiting Newport but this is the image I liked best, and I have passed this light many times, and photographed it almost as much. So here is my image of Rose Island Light. I hope you enjoy this photo and have to good fortune to visit the light some day.

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Rob said...

I really like this one Ed. Very dramatic skies. Simple composition. Winner!