Saturday, May 11, 2013

Buy Direct and Save

Waterman Avenue, East Providence
As I sketched this today It was raining off and on so I ended up sketching from inside my car. It wasn't until I was about halfway done with this that I realized that next to the Hot Wiener place was a casket company - Buy Direct and Save - I just found that amusing and am hoping that not a lot of customers of the hot weeny place have to go next door. East Providence has a lot of interesting corners like this one. I love scouting around and finding these little vignettes of everyday life in East Prov.
A page/spread in my small book
Yesterday I had to drive up to Holyoke Ma for work and do some consulting on a construction job, and of course take a lot of pix and video. On the way back I stopped in Enfield, Ct to get a bottle of water to have with my lunch and started this sketch of the stores across the street, I drank the water and drove away without eating.. had my lunch at my desk when I got back. The ink work only took about ten minutes and I did some quick color washes and finished it when I got home. I think I overworked it a bit. As Ben mowed the lawn last night I did a thumbnail sketch and this morning I spent ten minutes in the waiting room to get some blood work done, not too exciting but it passed the time.

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