Friday, May 17, 2013


Warwick City Hall - Click images for larger view
I have been considering just why I do this. I have always loved to draw and make images. My photography fulfills that need as well. Trying to do at least one drawing each day put a bit of pressure on. There are days when I feel like I haven been faithful to myself because I made the opportunity to get out and sketch. . . and sketching things around the house seem like such a cheat. I think my neurosis is beginning to show. I think the on the spot sketching takes away all of the everyday distractions and allows me to focus on just the one thing in front of me - whether it is a simple thing or a complex thing - that is where my focus is. And surprisingly I seldom get it right, even then. The sketch above was a 10 minute sketch before a meeting this morning and the one below I did in the backyard last night waiting for Ben to come over - but they both took me away from the everyday worries and and allowed me the opportunity to really take a look at my surroundings. The picture of the city hall is not architecturally accurate, I am missing windows and the chimney placement is a bit random but for the most part it is as I remember it. The backyard scene below seems clumsy, as too many things are intersecting and the line weight is way too even, but while I was sketching the rest of the world was far away and my worries had evaporated. So I guess I will keep scratching black marks on paper for a while longer and post them up here for all to see...
Out in the back yard - click image for larger view
Yes, that's a mermaid sitting on top of the tree.

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