Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bell School revisited

Bell School, Richmond, RI - Click for larger image

Today (day 21 of the 75 Day Sketch B&W Challenge) I revisited the Bell School on Richmond, about two or so miles from where I work. The sunlight this morning was unobstructed and created very sharp and dark shadows. I was concentrating on getting the perspective drawing of the pub yesterday made me take a step back and review some of the basics. (which is always a good thing) 
I have sketched this build a couple of other times since I started all this sketching nonsense back in March. The others were colored with watercolor and give you a better idea of what it looks like although I think this one is more architecturally accurate. There is still some issues with window placement and I think the chimney is a bit fat.

Here is the one I did in May from the East side looking West. The window placement on the side here is more correct I think, but I seem to be missing the bell...
May 1, 2013 - Click for larger image
And a month earlier I was on the other side of the building and sketched this view. I got the bell in there but I placed the windows into the white board that runs along the roofline. The windows are actually below that board with just a slim piece of trim cutting into the board. The foundation seems to be huge slabs of stone.

April 2, 2013 (my favorite I think) - Click for larger image

At the Richmond website, this is all I could find about the school. . .

"In 1806 the first schoolhouse was built and in 1826 Bell School was constructed in Tug Hollow."

It is a great looking building and I hope they can keep it in it's current state of repair because it looks great and I would guess it looks very much like it did when it was built - with the exception of the power lines in the back.  Looks like I need to do a drawing from the front. I don't think I have seen the front door as it is on the side facing the road. I will need to set up my stool across the street and sketch from there.

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