Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thursday Morning

Grove Street next to Sacred Heart School - Click image for larger view
I got out early again this morning. It was a great morning, early, before the rain came. I found a park bench to sit on near city hall and took my coffee and sketchbook and got a quick sketch of this house. I have wanted to do a watercolor of the house. It is a great color of blue with ivory trim. Some of the bushes in front are red and some are various greens The trees on the right are dark green and a light blue spruce... beautiful colors, but I am in that 75 day ink only challenge. . . I miss color. . . So I had a few extra minutes when I got down to the southern part of the state and did this quick sketch in my square book.
Barns - Click image for larger view
This is a 20 minute sketch as the rain began to fall. I was drawing this one from inside my car and by the time I finished it was raining so hard I could no longer see the barn in the back.

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