Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Steeple Street from the back

Some great old buildings - Click image for larger view
I got out of the house in good time today to sit in this parking lot and sketch. It was hot and muggy so I kept the car running and sat in air conditioning. . . getting spoiled I think. This is a sketch of the buildings along Steeple Street just before Canal St. from the back side, which I think is much more interesting than the front side. The parking lot was empty so I stole a spot and jumped in. Some loss of perspective here but I think I got most of it. I was amazed by the placement of the windows which seem not to have the normal relationship with the floors on the interior - some up some down.I am guessing that these were built in the 1850's - (there-abouts) - and were warehouses along the then waterfront in Providence. Now they host fancy restaurants that give you a little bit of food for a lot of dollars. I have the next few days off so I am hoping to do some more sketching and get some color back in my life.  These black and white drawings are part of the 75 day challenge of ink drawings.. this is day 7.. feels like a long way to go.
I also shot some panoramas recently for work. We are going through some 'lean' training and '5S' training - these are the 'before shots' Utility closet and Lucy's Workspace

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Brenda Swenson said...

Your artwork is wonderful. Most people who take the 75-Day Sketch Challenge are still learning how to see and draw. You on the other hand know how to draw...and beautifully. Don't get bored with pen. Take this time to grow by pushing for growth in design, value... Happy Sketching!