Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wertheim, Germany - Day 11

Carol at Glass Blowing Demonstration - Click image for larger view
Today we stopped in Wertheim (pronounced veert-hime) and it is by far the most charming little town we have visited. My connection here is limited so this may be a short post. The morning was spent cruising and we had a glass blower com on board and he gave a demonstration. Glass blowing is typical to this town. Carol was selected to give it a try and she did great and made her own ornament. (with a little help for the pro) We arrived here at noon, had lunch and then went off on a walking tour. The boat is literally in town and you can walk around the entire town in about 10 minutes but we took an hour and a half and learned about the history of the town. The Bob, Carol, Doug and Anne and I walked up the hill to the castle and climbed all the way to the top of the tower... it was a very long climb but the view was worth it. We then walked back down to town where we went exploring on our own. Bob, Doug and I had a locally brewed beer in the town marketplace and even found a bike shop. They had a lot of bikes but still no cycling jersey for Benny. They did have a big blue box outside which was a bicycle tube vending machine. (see the gallery) Carol and Anne headed back to the boat to do some Nordic walking and once The guys got back to the boat Doug and I took a couple of bikes and rode along the river to the next town and back. After supper this evening we had a zither concert. . . hey, stranger things have happened.  Below is a link to a gallery - (which took forever to upload) - which had about 50 images from today (I shot several hundred) straight from the camera - no time for processing tonight.

View of wertheim from castle - click image for larger view

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Paul said...

Carol looks like the blind musician in the glass blowing photo.